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The Client Experience

Client partnerships are grounded in results but sustained by relationships and service.

At Pyvot, we like to hoard clients. Our ultimate goal with every new client is to cultivate a long-term partnership. Our aim with every new alliance is to foster a relationship that extends beyond the realm of business transactions. We believe that while growth results are vital, the journey we undertake together—enriched by a seamless and gratifying service experience—holds equal significance. Our vision is for our clients to feel like we are an extension of their team, transcending the traditional client-vendor dynamic.


We operate on a unique recurring retainer model that guarantees a dedicated commitment of resources and hours each month. Our fee structure is streamlined and transparent, derived purely from the hours committed to your project. This approach allocates and secures a specific portion of our strategists' time exclusively for your business each month.


You will have direct email and phone contact with your strategy lead. If there is a question or need, we want our clients to feel they can reach out at any time. If things get very tactical, we will pull in the specialized tactical resources as well. We don't hide anyone behind a curtain.


One of our guiding principles is ensuring that you are never left to interpret bare numbers without context or understanding. To ensure this, we conduct monthly reporting calls that serve to demystify and illuminate the data, providing you with clear insights into the numbers that matter. To further facilitate your understanding, we provide you with a custom insights deck and grant you real-time access to a performance dashboard, enabling you to delve into your metrics at your convenience.


Knowing who does what and when is important for both our teams and our clients. We make sure of this by maintaining a shared sheet that outlines all tasks, deliverables, and associated timelines. This way, everyone knows what's going on, who's responsible for what, and when things are due. By doing this, we create a culture of shared responsibility and progress, ensuring we continue to succeed in our efforts together.


Our billing and invoicing process is both straightforward and transparent, reflecting our dedication to integrity and honesty. We make a point of never blending agency time with hard costs or incorporating hidden markups. Instead, we provide crystal-clear, itemized invoices, meticulously dividing any time, tool, or media costs. This ensures that you're always precisely aware of what each charge pertains to, further cementing our commitment to transparency and open communication.

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